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How to Recover Gracefully, With a Little Help

Into every business life, a few disasters will fall. But, recovering gracefully from disasters can still enable you to win the deal or forge a relationship. Here is our story… WINGS for Growth is a young organization, and is focused on mentoring young women to be leaders, however we are fortunate enough to have several […]

Passion and Creativity Make all the Difference in the World

In many things in life, the difference between being good and being great is passion and creativity. In my line of work, and when competing, passion and creativity are the main differentiators. Great mentors can help instill that passion in a mentee, and guide you to finding a fresh perspective and bold creativity. Allow me to […]

As we embark on another year…

Today as we are getting ready to ring in the New Year, we wanted to share this story which made 2016 one of the best years in recent memory. We received a call from a young woman who will remain nameless… She inquired about what we do and about the WINGS. After our regular sales […]

3 Things to Do for Daily Inspiration

It’s me again; the person who finds inspiration in the most unlikely places – or should I say many, very likely places – – that is to say, almost everywhere! When you look around and take a minute to think about the people that most inspire you, it becomes clear that these people come in […]

My Father’s Good Advice

My father told me many times, “There’s never a bad time to do something good”. This is true today more than ever. With all the crazy things happening in the world, it makes sense to give back and mentor others whenever you can. Our world needs more passionate, inspiring and successful leaders. I was the […]

Women and Leadership

President Eisenhower received a letter from a girl that began with the words “Dear Mr. Eisenhower, I am nine years old” and went on to speak about racial justice. The girl was to become one of America’s leading historians on the Civil War. She was Drew Gilpin Faust.   The life story of Drew Gilpin […]