The Perfect Eight Days in our Week!

WINGS celebrated two great events over a span of 8 days. Our second cohort kickoff on the 15th of September 2017 and a Health and Wellness workshop for our mentees on September 23, 2017!

Second Cohort Kickoff – 09/15/2017

Our Friday began with all the promise of great company and it did not let us down! Our second cohort mentees are as diverse as it gets in the professional world. We have a Brand Manager, Clinical Pharma Scientist, Disruptive auto Entrepreneur, Financial Portfolio Manager on finding her next turn, Biologist changing career in to medical sales, a Nonprofit professional yearning to start her own! As dazzling our mentees were that evening, our mentors are accomplished senior industry leaders, that possess a diverse background such as: a CEO of financial advisory firm, serial entrepreneur and CEO of a pharmaceutical company, established finance industry veteran, a WINGS board member and Healthcare entrepreneur, CEO and a Technology entrepreneur with a well-established nonprofit of her own, and, a reputed and multi-faceted management consultant. It was a humbling experience listening to these highly driven women’s commitment to self-development and the mentors’ ability to impart valuable knowledge in their mentees.

We thank Sasha Richter, a new member to our team for stepping in and ensuring the Kickoff event was handled smoothly!

Our Photo Credit goes to: Ian Neisser.

WINGS Health and Wellness Workshop – 09/23/2017

The weather was perfect for a Health and Wellness discussion. Sarah Rogders, our coach opened the workshop with a pivotal message on how connecting with inner self is important for leadership and to get you unstuck!  Our first activity was taught by Poonam Gupta, a veteran Yoga Instructor. Poonam helped us stretch, taught yoga poses and breathing techniques that suit a busy professional’s life. Then we delightfully engaged in sharing laughter with a happy serum for our brains! Next, the wellness activity followed with Sarah focused on eating right rather than rely on meal plans. According to Sarah, “As rising leaders, it is important our mentees learn to own their decisions. Hard work doesn’t have to result in self-neglect”. Sarah taught us how to read food labels, thoughtfully curated a sampling of healthy protein bars, healthy eats, and taught us what to avoid in most foods. This was a great eye opener for all of us as we sampled wonderful food while we sprawled on our yoga mats and discussed our health goals. In the meantime, take a look at our special guest who chose to ignore all the instructions and indulge in a healthy snooze, Aw!

Thanks to our amazing volunteers

This event would not have been possible without the generosity of our coaches, Sarah Rodgers and Poonam Gupta. A shout out to Sasha Richter and Arundhati Sinha for all logistic help they have provided Sarah for the event to be conducted smoothly!