Dance is a Career, Hobby or Business? Part One

Performing Arts - Perceptions and Challenges

Performing Arts – Perceptions and Challenges

When are you going to get a real job?

I wish I could jump around and have fun all day like you do!

How do you make money though?

If you are a performing artist, you may very well recognize these questions. It’s no secret that the performing arts industry has a reputation – the term “struggling artist” is oh so ubiquitous! While we as a society certainly love our Broadway plays, live cover bands, and renowned ballets, we must take a step back and wonder about the lives of these creative individuals behind the scenes. Art has always been a medium for open communication – the emotional highs and lows through poignant storytelling and the ability for art to transform a society is valuable beyond measure.

However, many artists are unsatisfied as they struggle to balance two worlds – after all, art can’t just be about following dreams when one has to pay the bills! Many artists may pursue their passions after their traditional 9-5 or work multiple jobs before catching their big break. So what happens when one decides to make their passion their main source of income?

This week, we’ll talk more about the lives of these creative, hardworking personalities and their atypical career paths and struggles. As always, we’ll end with a clear call to action.

About the author

This blog was written for WINGS by Ruby Verma. Ruby Verma started out her career working in Private Equity valuations for 9 years. She then made a career switch over to the arts! She now works as a dancer and a writer in the greater NYC area. Ruby is an artistic director at Junoon Performing Arts. Follow Ruby on Instagram or Medium and share her expression of thoughts and words through her posts as a passionate artist.