Dance is a Hobby, Career or Business? Part Four

Artists – Developing A Support System

Achieve Balance in Success

As we continue thinking about the performing arts industry, we decided to dig a little deeper. After all, there are successful artists out there who no doubt have found a way to create structure and cultivate collaboration, camaraderie, and mentorship within their network. There are artists who have succeeded against all odds – and if they can do, so can you!

We’ll note just a few remarkable examples here to highlight the success stories of artists who have faced their struggles head on!

On emotional and mental health…

  • Charlie Chaplin struggled with not one, but several issues throughout his life – such as poverty, emotional instability, and lack of familial support. Once he made his way to Hollywood, it took him quite a while to be taken seriously – but we’re glad he didn’t give up, because he is now the greatest silent-film actor to have ever lived!

On staying true to message…

  • On authenticity and keeping it real, who better to look to than Lady Gaga? This famous singer was continuously ridiculed for her style of music and sense of fashion prior to making it in the industry. She was repeatedly asked to drop her provocative, eccentric ways – however, she stuck her ground and didn’t budge. Lady Gaga knew that she had to do what felt good – her gut instincts proved to be right!

On mentorship

  • Did you know that the renowned author and poet Maya Angelou served as guidance for Oprah Winfrey throughout many crucial years of her life? It goes without saying that these are two hugely recognizable names within the industry – and although Oprah is no doubt talented, guidance from Maya Angelou must have been inspirational and humbling on many levels.
  • Musician Ray Charles provided his wisdom and guidance to the legendary Quincy Jones. He has said that it made him extremely happy to pay It forward and help someone – and in turn, Quincy Jones has mentored a number of budding young musicians himself!

These heartwarming stories are a great example of artists who have overcome all odds and made a mark in their respective fields.

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About the author

This blog was written for WINGS by Ruby Verma. Ruby Verma started out her career working in Private Equity valuations for 9 years. She then made a career switch over to the arts! She now works as a dancer and a writer in the greater NYC area. Ruby is an artistic director at Junoon Performing Arts. Follow Ruby on Instagram or Medium and share her expression of thoughts and words through her posts as a passionate artist.